Nintendo Switch Reviews in Depth 2017

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch has been officially launched on Mar 2017, together with the more exciting new game “Zelda legend: the wilderness of interest”. Nintendo said Switch would combine the convenience of handheld consoles with the powerful features of TV consoles. Although in order to achieve the full integration of portability and functionality, Nintendo had made some compromises, people believe Switch can be achieved “one plus one greater than two” effect once more games released.

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Best Affordable 4K Cameras in 2017

We all know 4K era is coming, If you take a look at those cameras released in 2016, no surprise that all major camera manufacturers have implemented 4K shooting somewhere in their lines.

And most excitingly, in 2017, you would see this feature not only on high end cameras, but also on mid lower end. So, no matter how much budget you have, it’s likely you can afford a camera with 4K video in 2017.

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Top 5 Cheap Phones You Should Consider in 2017

People always like to talk about iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel, those big names steal headlines around the world and empty your pocket, but you know what? In 2017, you don’t have to spend too much to get a great quality phone with decent specs and features. Some of 2017’s budget smartphone offerings even put those fancy flagships to shame. Here we offer top 5 cost-effective smartphones you could buy in 2017.

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